Articles written/co-written by me

An interview with debut historical romance author Charlotte Anne — with Julie on her book blog Bookish Jottings

Comfort Reads with Charlotte Anne  on the Romance Writers of Australia blog

More historical romances to keep you going until Bridgerton season 2 — Some of my all-time favourite historical romances

Which Book Heroine Most Influenced Your Writing? Authors Pick Their Favourite Female Character From Fiction — in celebration of International Woman's Day 2021

My Writing Routine  on the Australian Romance Readers Association blog 

Articles written by others

For All:

How Romance Will Save the World — An essay by Cat Sebastian on the humanity of the romance genre

Pharos: Doing justice to the classics — A website that responds to appropriations of Greco-Roman antiquity including in books and movies

Reclaiming Historical Romance — An essay by Elizabeth Kingston on how historicals have romanticised white supremacy and what we can do to reclaim the subgenre 

For Readers:

Australian Romance Readers Association — A super friendly romance reading association with a monthly newsletter

Deconstruction Damsels (podcast) — Their website includes a comprehensive list of other romance related podcasts.

Anne Gracie (author)— A compilation of online Regency resources

Nancy Mayer (author) — A fantastic website with an enormous number of resources on Regency history

For Writers:

Australian Writers' Centre — Includes the monthly international and free Furious Fiction writing competition

International Association for the Study of Popular Romance — An association 'dedicated to fostering and promoting the scholarly exploration of all popular representations of romantic love'

Romance Writers of Australia — A supportive community with an annual writing conference

Grace Burrowes (author) — Excellent writing advice

KJ Charles (author) — Includes a fantastic writing tips index

And more to come as I find them.

Charlotte Anne

Happily Ever After