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Violet Evergreen knows there’s more to the world than parties and fine gowns. London’s other debutants have dubbed her the Willing Wallflower for her love of talking about books. But Violet doesn’t have time for gossip, not while she’s busy editing her latest manuscript. Her dream is to become a published author, but her would-be-editor isn’t so sure Violet has what it takes. When he suggests she add more passion to her story, Violet realises she needs to make some changes to her life. For how can she write of passion when she’s never really experienced it herself?

When Morgan Turner finds himself backed into a corner, he's not surprised Violet is the one to put him there! Against his better judgement, he agrees to take her to the Soho Club, a place where those who feel confined by the strict rules of Society are free to be themselves. It’s a promise he absolutely wishes he could break, because Morgan has been in love with Violet since they were children, and even though he knows he’s not good enough for her, how can he possibly resist Violet with all the temptations of the Soho Club before them...

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