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About me:

An interview with debut historical romance author Charlotte Anne — with Julie on her book blog Bookish Jottings

Author spotlight  with the Australian Romance Readers Association

Comfort reads with Charlotte Anne  on the Romance Writers of Australia blog

More historical romances to keep you going until Bridgerton season 2 — Some of my all-time favourite historical romances

Which book heroine most influenced your writing? Authors pick their favourite female character fromfiction — in celebration of International Woman's Day 2021

My writing routine  on the Australian Romance Readers Association blog 

Articles I think you might like:

How Romance Will Save the World — An essay by Cat Sebastian on the humanity of the romance genre

Pharos: Doing justice to the classics — A website that responds to appropriations of Greco-Roman antiquity including in books and movies

Reclaiming Historical Romance — An essay by Elizabeth Kingston on how historicals have romanticised white supremacy and what we can do to reclaim the subgenre 

For Readers:

Australian Romance Readers Association — A friendly romance reading association with a monthly newsletter

Deconstruction Damsels (podcast) — Their website includes a comprehensive list of other romance related podcasts.

Anne Gracie (author) — A compilation of online Regency resources

Nancy Mayer (author) — A fantastic website with an enormous number of resources on Regency history

The Highlander's Thief — My free book.

For Writers:

Australian Writers' Centre — Includes the monthly international and free Furious Fiction writing competition

International Association for the Study of Popular Romance — An association 'dedicated to fostering and promoting the scholarly exploration of all popular representations of romantic love'

Romance Writers of Australia — A supportive community with an annual writing conference

Grace Burrowes (author) — Excellent writing advice

KJ Charles (author) — Includes a fantastic writing tips index

And more to come as I find them.

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